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"Dedicated To Meeting Your Objectives"


Cyber Investigations helps legal firms and professionals meet their needs through private investigations and digital forensics services, 

For private party services, please schedule a consultation at no charge.

Cyber Investigations will work diligently to meet your objectives.


  • Washington State Private Investigations Agency License #2362

  • Private Investigator License #4581

  • Bonded & Insured

  • UW Graduate BA

  • University of Washington Alumni Association Member (UWAA)

  • Bellevue College Graduate AA

  • EDCC Digital Forensics Examiner Certification (DFE)

  • Homeland Security & FEMA Digital Forensics & Information Security Certificate               Texas A & M University

  • UW Private Investigations Program Certification (CPI)

  • High Technology Crime Investigation Association Member (HTCIA)

  • Pacific Northwest Association of Investigators Member (PNAI)

  • Washington Association of Legal Investigators Member (WALI)

  • Assiniboine & Sioux Tribes Affiliated Trust Land Allottee

  • National Congress of American Indians Member (NCAI)

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